Broken Dreams May 18 – June 12, 2018 at Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago

This exhibition features works by five Chicago artists who share the communication style of angst, frustration and disappointment of living in modern society. The exhibition is built around the theme of “punk” expression, which not only embraces aggression, violence and nihilism, but also self-reliance, DIY aesthetic and humor. Artists in this show do not try to create “punk art,” rather they approach the subject with the same attitude as a youth in punk bands around the world. Visuals are harsh, and to the point, with sharp edges, and high contrasts. The use of these elements includes anti-design and ugly aesthetics –visual manifestations of punk’s brutal, discordant sound.

Curated by Stano Grezdo

Featured artists Stano GrezdoJason LaMantiaEric StefanskiTom TorluemkeOmar Velazquez

May 18 – June 12, 2018
at Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan Street
Chicago IL 60608

Preview exhibition – HERE