By the Misery of Fate I’m Haunted Folk Tale

The collection of works under the title “By The Misery Of Fate I’m Haunted” was created during the Covid-19 pandemic in the countryside of Michiana Shores, while in isolation. All materials were collected from the surrounding woods, nature trails, streets, and beaches, created with the limited use of tools. Each piece is dated and marked with the location where the materials were found.

As in the “Folk Horror” genre in cinema, this series was inspired by its natural location, isolation, and extenuating circumstance. The story trope in “Folk Horror” usually involves a setup encounter in which character(s) from the regular urbanized world enter into a remote, typically pastoral, one populated with a homogenous group united not only in their isolation but also in shared beliefs, often in paganism or the occult. The visitor almost immediately begins to feel like an interloper experiencing feelings of otherness and non-belonging.

The title is taken from a song by Czech black metal band Master’s Hammer’s “ By The Misery Of Fate I’am Haunted” (Já mizérií osudu jsem pronásledován) from their 1992 album “The Jilemnice Occultist” (Jilemnický Okultista).

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